Spa Policies



While some vaccines are required by your veterinarian, not all vaccines are given. We take into consideration that vaccines come with a risk, so we are more than happy to work with you and your veterinarian on what they believe to be the best plan of health for your pet. We understand that while a young puppy requires several rounds of boosters and vaccines across the board, some senior pets may discontiue certain yearly vaccines per their veteranarians reccommendation. 

We will always do what is best for your pet, and the safety of ALL pets in our facility. We continue to work with several local veterinarians to stay up to date on regional health risks to the pets in our area, and what we can do to prevent the spread of these diseases. 

The vaccines we currently require for all clients are as follows:                                                     

  • BORDETELLA (Kennel Cough)
  • H3N2 CANINE FLU (Recommended, Not Required)

For more information on vaccines and what they mean for your pets, visit 


Safety is our number one priority at Earth Dog. We take the safety of your pet, the pets in our care, and our employees very seriously. For this reason, we do not allow ANYONE behind our front gate, beyond the lobby area. Having a stranger in the grooming or kennel area can be very stressful for some pets, and others may get very excited, risking their safety while on the table or in the tub. We work with sharp tools, so when a dog being groomed is overly excited by a client walking past their table, we run the risk of that dog being injured. Grooming is a very controlled environment to ensure the safety of all pets in our facility. If you are interested in viewing our full facilities, you may do so by appointment before or after grooming hours when available.  If your pet displays any signs of irritation or injury from the grooming process, we must be notified within 48 hours of pick up to ensure this was a grooming incident and not an irritation/injury from something at home. If notified within 48 hours, we will be more than happy to take a look at your pet and offer assistance if needed. 


Because safety is our number one priority, our motto will always be HUMANITY OVER VANITY. A dog whose coat has become matted is very serious. Matting that is left for an extended period of time can result in many skin conditions, resulting in expensive visits to the vet. If your pet is matted, even just in a few places, we will always recommmend taking the coat down. Dematting is very stressful for a dog and can cause more injury. 
Please read the following to prepare for your pet's matted shave down:
  • The matted coat may need to be removed by shaving very close to the skin. there is a risk the skin could be injured or irritated. 
  • A severely matted coat will often put pressure on and pull the pet's skin tightly, resulting in bruising found once mats are removed. 
  • Once the matted coat is removed, pre-existing conditions may be exposed. Some of these- such as hot spots, sores, or severe itching may be due to self induced trauma from scratching or chewing at the matted areas. 
  • Other conditions caused by matting include, but are not limited to:
    • Fungal, bacterial, & yeast infections
    • Parasite infestation (Fleas, ticks, mites)
    • Urine and Feces burns/rashes
    • Eye or ear infections
    • Eczema
    • Ingrown toenails
  • It is not unsual for the skin to become more irritated during or as a result of a matted clip down. If any conditions are seen while in our care, we will go over any and all findings with you at check out. 
  • Your dog's skin may be tender due to lack of air circulation and debris accumulated in or beneath the matted coat. Any sores or infection should be attended to by the vet. 
  • Your dog may scratch and rub itself after a clip down. Scratching must be minimized and skin breakage prevented. Monitor your pet's behavior closely and inspect the skin for signs of tearing as a result of excessive scratching. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian. 
Matting Happens to the best of us. Do not feel embarrassed when bringing in your matted pet, that is what we are here for!  The best thing to do when you feel your pet's coat starting to mat is don't wait. Give us a call, We are here to help and are more than happy to formulate a plan,discuss ways to prevent future matting and how to repair your pet's coat and skin after mat removal. 

Wait Time

For us to be able to groom your pets safely and offer exceptional quality grooms, we require all clients to allot 3-4 hours for their pets to be left with us. We will always try to give you the fastest turn around possible, and we will always call you as soon as your pet is ready for pick up. Some pets are professionals at being groomed, and may only take 2-3 hours, while others who may be a little nervous. If we have a nervous or first time pet, we will take our time with them to help them acclimate to the grooming experience. We understand that schedules can be hectic for people, and we will be than happy to work with you on a time that works best for you, but we ask that you please schedule your appointment when you are able to leave your pet with us for the allotted 3-4 hours. Early drop off does not guarantee your pet will be finished earlier, and we will always give you an estimated pick up time at drop off. We ask that you please call to check on your pets instead of dropping in. Many dogs get very excited and will no longer allow us to finish the groom safely once they see or smell their owner in the lobby. If we are unable to safely finish your pet's groom for this reason, we will end the groom and allow you to take your pet at that time. 

Policy Changes Effective April 1, 2018

As  we approach the busy spring/summer season, we have made a few changes and added a few new policies. These policies will allows us to better serve you and your pups!

We are booking out 3-4 weeks currently. Saturdays are even harder to come by and are 4-6 weeks booked out.

We strongly recommend pre-booking your next appointment, or better yet, ask to be put on a recurring schedule. By taking advantage of a recurring schedule, you will get text reminders for all future appointments, and will be guaranteed a spot for your prefered date and time, something that may not be possible if you wait to book when your dog is ready for his next groom.


In order to fulfill our promised appointment pick up times for all clients scheduled, we will no longer accept late drop offs. We understand things happen, so please communicate with us if you are running behind. Failure to call and let us know you are running late may result in your appointment being cancelled, and you may be turned away upon arrival. If you are 15 MINUTES LATE, you will receive a text letting you know your appointment has been cancelled. At this point, you must CALL to reschedule for another day.

If you have missed an appointment and have not called to cancel prior to the appointment time, you are marked as NO SHOW/CANCELLED. You will also receive a text letting you know your appointment has been cancelled if you have failed to communicate. 3 NO SHOWS or CANCELLATIONS will require a deposit (equal to 50% your pet’s package) be made before scheduling your next appointment.


If you are going to be late picking up your pet, please call us immediately to make arrangements. We ask that you please be respectful of our time just like we promise to always be respectful of yours. We close at 5pm, any pet picked up after this time will automatically be charged a $15  late fee. Fees may increase as pick up time becomes later.

We appreciate each and every one of our clients, and these policies are made with love for you guys. We strive to always offer the best in pet grooming services for your pet, and by implementing these policies we hope to offer a stress free summer season for you and your pups!!




Drop off is required at your specific appointment time. If you are running late, please give us a call to determine if we can still fit your pup in or if we need you to reschedule. We designate a specific time frame for every pet, and being late for your pet's appointment will take away from the time we have to spend safely and efficiently performing their groom. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please try to let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment time. 

Cancelling or not showing up for your appointment more than 3 times will result in being required to prepay for your pet's grooming service when scheduling. If you miss the prepaid appointment, no refunds will be given.