Scheduling an Appointment

We require an appointment for all grooming services, including Nail trimming/grinding. By having an appointment, we are better able to give each pet the special attention and time they deserve. Appointments can be made by phone or in person. 


Grooming Cost

Prices for all packages are based on the dog's breed, coat condition, and size when they arrive for their appointment. All prices given over the phone are a quote only. Your pet can be given a more accurate price when brought into the salon and viewed by one of our stylists. We will never add surprise or hidden fees, so feel free to ask for your total when you drop off your pets. We accept Cash, Checks, and all major Credit Cards.


How long will my pet need to be there?

 Safe, quality grooming takes time. We will always try to give you the quickest turn around time possible, but in order for us to make your pet look their best, and ensure that they are safe and relaxed in the process, we ask that you please be understanding of our request to keep your pet for the 3-4 hour window we set. If your pet has special requirements, or you need your pet by a certain time, we will be more than happy to accommodate you if you let us know when you schedule your appointment.


What age should I start getting my puppy groomed?

  We recommend bringing your puppy in for his first grooming around 10 weeks old for a puppy package. This allows your puppy to learn at an early age that grooming is a fun experience, not a scary one. The puppy package will introduce your puppy to the sights, sounds, and smells of grooming. By slowly introducing him to the grooming process, he will gain confidence and, by continuing a regular grooming schedule,  one day love to be groomed! 


What if my dog doesn't like other dogs?

  We totally understand, not every dog loves dogs as much as we do, that is why we do not offer a "free range" style grooming experience. Each pet who comes into our salon for grooming services will have their own quiet, crated space where they can relax when not on the table. No dog will share kennel space with another unless they are siblings and only at owner's request.


What if my dog is special needs? 

If your pet requires special attention, whether it is a physical or behavioral need, we will always do our best to accommodate. Please let us know when scheduling your appointment, any concerns or conditions you feel might impact your pet's grooming experience. Our goal is to make every pet and their owner feel as comfortable and stress free as possible, so if your pet needs to spend a little less time away from you than other pets may, has a physical disability, or just really needs some extra snuggles to win their trust, we understand completely!


Can I bring my pet's favorite toy/treats/blanket?  

Of course! Since each pet has their own space while in the spa, having a favorite blanket or toy that reminds them of you is a great idea! Because there are so many different possible food allergens, we will never give your pet food unless it is brought with them from home. 


Is Your Dog Matted?

 So you think you spotted a big fluffy mat, then you realize there a few more, now what? We understand how quick and sneaky mats can be, so we will do our best to assess the severity of the situation upon check in so that both you and your groomer are on the same page about the matted game plan. Some mats can come out with a little conditioner and finesse, others are more serious and must be removed. We will always do what we feel is the most humane option for your pet. Would you want someone yanking your hair out for 30 minutes straight?? Neither would we, so we will not put a pet through that either. Our motto is HUMANITY OVER VANITY!


How often should my pet be groomed?

 There are many factors that determine the frequency of grooming your pet needs. If your dog has a longer hairstyle or tends to get tangled easily, they should be professionally groomed every 4-5 weeks. A dog with a shorter hairstyle or short coat can be groomed every 6-7 weeks.